Cargo Handling

Basic parameters of the Skyport Terminal

  • Total area: 6.5 ha, including a warehouse and parking for the truck centre
  • Office space area: 3,000 m²
  • Warehousing and handling capacity: 60,000 metric tonnes of goods annually, with a possibility to expand to 100,000 metric tonnes of goods annually
  • Stand: two Boeing 747F or several smaller aircraft

Warehouse and Shipment Safety

  • Permanent guarding by a security agency
  • Monitored by CCTV
  • Electronic security system
  • Automatic fire-protection system
  • Valuable shipments stored in a safe room
  • All shipments stored under a roof
  • Modern technological warehouse equipment

Equipment and Technologies

  • MTV mobile dock leveller
  • Forklifts for loads of up to 12 metric tonnes
  • ETV  elevating transport vehicle
  • ULD automatic warehousing system: 29 positions for 20 ft pallets and 32 positions for 10 ft pallets (can also be used for containers – up to 180 containers)
  • 888 shelf positions for euro-pallets
  • System of roller conveyors for containers
  • 11 truck ramps
  • Mobile dock levellers
  • Digital scales
  • X-ray equipment (copy 1)
  • Cooling room (temperature range from 2 °C to 8 °C / 35 °F to 46 °F)
  • Freezer room (temperature range from -8 °C to -25 °C / 17 °F to -13 °F)
  • Live animals storage room
  • Dedicated storage space for radioactive goods within the warehouse
  •  Dedicated storage space for dangerous goods and goods requiring special treatment within the warehouse
  • Dedicated storage space for human remains within the warehouse

Export and Import

All information about export and import in Prague can be found on the Cargo Handling - Export and Cargo Handling - Import pages.

Shipment Tracking

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