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Skyport News duben 2010

We would like to inform you once more about the valid legislation of EU n°185/2010 related to security check of shipments for air freight on freighter aircrafts.

All shipment that due to its size parameters (height or width exceeds 140x 165 cm) must be submitted to the following security check:

  • Explosive detector
  • Explosives trace detector
  • Physical check
  • Check by dogs trained to detect explosives

We would like to request from our customers to:

  • Ensure that a responsible employee / person / sender will be present during the security check
  • Ensure that shipment is packed in such a way that packing can be opened and sealed again

Technical assistance on behalf of Skyport will be charged in accordance to the valid price list.

Oversize cargo transported on freighter aircraft is not submitted for repetitive security check in our cargo terminal if:

  • Shipment is sent by „Regulated Agent“
  • Shipment is sent by „ known consigner“

In case your company does not dispose of one of the above mentioned statutes and shipment exceeds maximum size parameters then it must be checked in our warehouse using previously mentioned methods.

If you are interested in acquiring one of the above statutes, please do not hesitate to contact our commercial department who will give you more information.

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