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    Skyport News listopad 2018


    Skyport News květen 2018

    We would like to inform you regarding the opening hours of our customer center during the Christmas season 2017.

  • Announcement
    Skyport News leden 2019

    Dear customers, we would like to remind you of several rules, which if not followed, may result in financial sanctions towards yourself.

  • Announcement - limited operations
    Skyport News prosinec 2012

    We would like to inform you that on 31/12/2012 and on the 1/1/2013 due to technical reasons all operations at Skyport will be limited.

  • Security control
    Skyport News červenec 2012

    New type of security control

  • Delivery counter supervisor
    Skyport News červenec 2012

    Delivery counter supervisor

  • Newly opened acceptance office
    Skyport News červenec 2012

    Newly opened acceptance office

  • e-AWB on board od Korean Air
    Skyport News červen 2012

    Dear costumers, we would like to inform you regarding important process changes for import shipments on board of Koran Airlines.

    Skyport News leden 2012

    Skyport´s travel agency has prepared several new releases for its customers.

  • ESD / ICS
    Skyport News říjen 2011

    Entry Summary Declaration / ICS

    Skyport News červen 2011

    INCREASE OF FREQUENCIES TO PRAGUE: China Airlines and Yangtze River Express Airlines

  • Skyport is growing
    Skyport News duben 2010

    Since 1 October 2010, Skyport became the new owner of Slovak Air Services (SAS).

  • Skyport’s new clients
    Skyport News duben 2010

    Over the past three months we were able to expand our business portfolio for our permanent clients by gaining four new Airlines that operate their flights to Prague.

  • Bar-code scanners
    Skyport News duben 2010

    Skyport has successfully concluded the testing period for our new barcode scanners. Starting on 1. November 2010, all shipment received at Skyport will be introduced into our system electronically through the bar-code scanners.

  • Anti-passback
    Skyport News duben 2010

    Due to repetitive violation of the parking facilities, we have been obligated to reinforce security measures concerning parking space at our Prague offices.

  • IATA E-Freight
    Skyport News duben 2010

    We would like to inform you that Skyport has successfully introduced the e-freight service and became one of the first companies in the Czech Republic that has put this project into practice.

  • Oversize shipments
    Skyport News duben 2010

    We would like to inform you once more about the valid legislation of EU n°185/2010 related to security check of shipments for air freight on freighter aircrafts.

  • Storage of shipment in the public area of our warehouse
    Skyport News duben 2010

    Due to the increased security measures that have been implemented within the airport area, special emphasis have been made on processing cargo.

  • Skyport’s truck centre
    Skyport News duben 2010

    In relation to service level improvements we have decided to modify our operations at the truck centre.

  • Supervisor on duty
    Skyport News duben 2010

    In order to improve communication between Skyport and our clients, we have decided to establish a “Supervisor on duty hot line”.

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